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Whole Brain Learning Is the Way of the Future

The 108 Academy is an online school that offers eCourses in Sacred Geometry and Speed Math, (also known as Vedic Math), for all age groups, (kids to adults). It is suitable for gifted and talented children and those that are challenged or math phobic including those on the spectrum or dyslexic. We offer a global upgrade of the world’s best mathematical curriculum based on The Art Of Number. The Art Of Number improves brain coherence, not only connects the Left and Right cortex of the brain, but also the the Front and Back, inviting Whole-Brain Learning.


It is led by the internationally acclaimed author, lecturer and researcher of 36 years, Jain 108. So what can you expect from our eCourses? 33 years of global teachings and research, made simple, fun and exciting. Get involved with your Child’s education, heal old math-phobic wounds, build new skills and see mathematics in a new light as an essential or integral part of your Life’s Journey.


Jain 108 is the author of 30 Books and has been actively teaching Vedic Mathematics and Sacred Geometry for the last 36 years, overseas and around Australia. He produced the first dvd in the world on Vedic Mathematics For the New Millennium in 2002, to cater for the growing online curriculum to fulfill his task of making this rare and ancient content available for the international home-schooling movement.


We look forward to start pouring in a new global consciousness that will inspire our next generation of physicists, scientists, inventors, artists and so on. Let us move to a new way of learning, a practical approach, a new realm of possibility where children and adults explore Math like an Art, which is about connection to the body, connection to nature and connection to the universe. Let us discover a new quality of learning, of listening, and creating.

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes …but in having new eyes”

Marcel Proust 1871-1922

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